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Client Testimonials

Seton Hall University

Kevin Sponzo, Senior Associate Athletics Director for Facilities at Seton Hall

We are excited to once again partner with Colorado Time Systems on the installation of a video display in our swimming & diving facility. The display will nicely complement our existing Colorado Time Systems components.

John Judge, Assistant Athletic Director, Development Seton Hall University Department of Athletics

We're excited about the look, feel, and functionality of our new video display, and think it will enhance the experience of attending a Seton Hall swimming and diving meet.

Miami University

John Mihevic, Aquatic Director

We installed our old Colorado Time Systems’ video display back in 2002. Although the display still ran, it was time for us to upgrade to newer technology. We have worked with CTS for years and their staff has always been extremely responsive and helped us through any issues that we have had. It was the obvious choice to stay with them to complete this upgrade. The new video display is big, bright, it pops, and there are so many incredible things that we can do now. As an example, we now have the ability to display complete information for two pool racing, as well as diving and swimming simultaneously.

Greenville Splash Masters

Leslie Scott, Director/Head Coach

"Thank you so much for awarding the Colorado Time Systems pace clock to Greenville Splash Masters.  We were thrilled beyond belief to receive it!  We are building a new Masters program at the Salvation Army Croc Center.  This facility did not have an electronic clock and the small pace clock was really difficult to see (especially for the older swimmers).  We are really enjoying the benefits of having a large digital display as we work out and do sets together as a team.  All of our members are very appreciative of this gift along with the facility.  We are happy to be adding new members each week, and I am sure the pace clock helps to make our program more professional."

Myrtha Pools [Invictus Games]

John E. Ireland, PE, LEED AP; Director of Technical Services

"Myrtha Pools is thrilled to be partnered with Colorado Timing Systems (CTS) on the Invictus Games build and meet operation. Our longstanding relationship with CTS has always lead to spectacular finish products and events. CTS’s willingness to support such an outstanding organization is appreciated by all involved. Thanks again to the CTS Team and we look forward to an amazing Games! "

Bulgarian Swimming Federation

"We are glad to inform you that we have had one of your systems for over 12 years now and it is still doing a great job. Thank you for your excellent products."

Cerritos College

Sergio Macias

"After hosting our first home (water polo) game with our new equipment, I am happy that we purchased the multisport wireless timing console. Everything worked great and we can't wait to host 2 big tournaments this fall.

United States Synchronized Swimming

Sue Johnson - National Scoring Chair

"I am the National Scoring Chair for US Synchronized Swimming and was also the Chief Recorder for the World Trophy meet in Mexico City.

I can't thank you enough for the support that Colorado Time Systems gave to that competition.  I never could have gotten through this competition without the support of CTS.

The CTS Technician was a delight to work with in Mexico, just as he was at the Pan American Games.  He did an outstanding job of keeping the scoring system running and getting things to the scoreboard.

 Again, thank you so much for the support you gave Mexico for this competition, as well as everything you do for United States Synchronized Swimming."

Park City Swimming

Mike Werner - Head Coach

"I just wanted to send a quick thank you note for your help with our new scoreboard.  We are very excited to be running Colorado Timing Equipment and using the best products on the market.  Also, more importantly, our experience, from start to finish has been amazing and professional.  Everyone has been extremely helpful and made sure that the whole process goes the best possible direction.  It is refreshing to work with professionals that not only care about their product, but also take care of the customers and keep the experience positive.   You have taken care of extremely well and we appreciate all of your time and efforts!"