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Synchronized Swimming Software


Colorado Time Systems' Synchronized Swimming Meet Management Software (SynchroMM) simplifies running a synchronized swimming meet.

Software features

  • Easy to use, logically flows with meet progression
  • Support for figures including integration of figures run from multiple stations
  • Full support for 2013 FINA and 2014 USA Synchro rules, including:  Penalty definitions, figures descriptions and degrees of difficult, and latest scoring changes
  • Multiple reports available, which can all be printed or exported to pdf:  Start lists for figures and routines, results for figures and routines, aggregate totals, and medal count
  • Judges evaluation module
  • Import and export data from one meet to another, reducing repetitive data entry
  • Support for all files from legacy DOS program
  • Only software guaranteed to interface with Colorado Time Systems' scoreboards


SynchroMM collects judges' award from Wireless Judging Terminals (or manual award entry directly into the software interface) and performs the appropriate calculations for both free and technical routines.  Calculated scores can be displayed on any CTS aquatic scoreboard via Wireless Scoreboard Adapter or direct cable connection.

Software is licensed on a per-user basis.  Additional licenses can be purchased at a discounted rate.  Don't forget your Annual Maintenance Agreement, which includes access to all minor and major software updates at no additional charge.

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