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SwimPro Elite Performance Camera System

swimpro swim timing camera system

The SwimPro camera system brings you the best-in-class coaching camera system available on the market today.  The SwimPro system features Gen7 integration for additional display of timing data during training and/or on any CTS video display during competition to enhance the fan experience.

SwimPro systems give you the flexibility to stream or record during practice and provide real-time or delayed feedback to your athletes.  Systems are available with 1, 2, 4, or 6 wired or wireless cameras, either permanently installed or portable.  This allows you the flexibility to choose your camera locations to suit your needs.

Cameras:  HD cameras provide superior image clarity with high quality, and are housed in a tough stainless steel casing designed to withstand the rigorous swimming pool environment.

Each system features robust hardware and software, access to the SwimmingCloud and the iPad app.

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  • swimpro elite performance camera system
    • HD with 1/10,000 shutter speed to capture every detail
    • Optimization for poor light conditions
    • Choice of mounting options
    • Depth tested to 40m (131.2 ft)
    • Chlorine tested to 10x stronger than standard pool levels
    • Rechargeable wireless units available, with 6 hour battery life
      swimpro underwater camera system with two cameras     swimpro swimming camera systems 4 or 6 cameras   swimming camera head     Camera Specifications:
    • 1080P, 720P resolution (selectable)
    • 60 FPS and 720P resolution
    • Light conditions - 0.05 lux
    • 1/10,000 shutter speed (adjustable)
    • Submersible (tested to 20 ft depth over 48 hours)
  • swimpro swimming camera hardware The iQ2 supports up to 6 cameras and one CommentaryCAM.  All video feeds for viewing are stored on the 120GB solid state hard drive.  CommentaryCAM provides you with a simple way to record your feedback for the athlete that incorporates screen displays and analysis.
    • Portable, lightweight, and moisture proof case
    • Connects to poolside TV displays and streams to iPads (hardware not included)
    • Includes wireless router
    • USB 3.0 fast download
  • swimpro iq2 analysis swimming softwareiQ2 features multi-view windows for real time and delayed playback, automatic software upgrades, and pool deck access to shared videos on SwimmingCloud. Analysis tools include:
    • Frame-by-frame review
    • On-screen drawing tools
    • Side-by-side windows
    • Ghosting overlays
    • Notations
    • Gen7 timing overlays with ability to display on CTS video display
  • swimpro swimming camera system cloud devicesSwimmingCloud is workflow focused so that you can spend a minimal amount of time operating technology and maximum time coaching - before AND after practice.  SwimPro cloud is directly connected to your SwimPro iOS App and SwimPro iQ2 hardware.  Videos are transmitted during practice from your pool directly into the cloud. Tagging allows you organize your videos for easy access and archiving. Set up your team in SwimmingCloud.  You can share each athletes' videos with them and provide feedback after practice.  The athlete will receive an email alerting them that a new video is available for them to view.  Accounts are password protected for privacy.
  • swimpro swimming camera system ipad app iPad app
    • Stream and record from any camera directly to your iPad
    • Switch between different cameras to capture every movement
    • Supports up to 6 users a the same time or looking at different streams
    • Coaching annotation capability to record video file, playback with coaching voice, and drawing overlays