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Software Downloads & Updates

Installation Methods

Direct Connection to the Internet:

This method requires Sport Loader version 1.104 or higher. With this method, you connect your System 6 directly to a network connection to the Internet via its Ethernet port. The System 6 will update to the latest versions of the software that you have purchased.
Download Instructions

Floppy disk method:

After downloading, check the contents of the disk to verify that the capitalization and extension are intact as follows:Swimming.1.xxx
System6xxx = current version number If it has been truncated or changed in any way, please rename the file accordingly.With the System 6 sports timer turned on, place the disk with the successfully loaded sport module into the floppy disk drive. From the main screen (displaying the Colorado Time Systems logo), press the ‘Install’ softkey followed by “Install from Floppy” and allow the sport module to fully copy. The screen will display a box indicating which files are being installed; when this box disappears, the module has been installed.

USB drive method:

WARNING: The System 6 update files must be the only files on the USB drive, and they must be installed sequentially, as described below. If the USB drive contains anything other than System 6 update files, these other files may be lost and you may damage your System 6.

1) Make sure you have SportLoader v1.120 or greater. If not, install it by itself first. It must be the only file or item on the USB drive.

2) Check to see if you have the compatibility libraries installed by looking for the label “(w/ lib updates”) in the “Linux Version” section of the SportLoader Diagnostics screen. If you do not have them installed, install them next, by themselves. The library files must be the only files or items on the USB drive. Click here to download the compatibility libraries

3)Download the appropriate updates from the page and place them in the top level (not in a subfolder) of a USB drive. They updates must be the only files or items on the USB drive. Install the updates.

Swimming 1.232 – 20 November 2013
This update requires Firmware v1.32 or greater.

Floppy Update USB Update

Release Notes

Diving.1.224 – 2 January 2014

Floppy Update USB Update

Release Notes

WaterPolo.1.126 – 20 November 2013
This update requires Firmware v1.36 or greater.

Floppy Update USB Update

Release Notes

PaceClock.1.208 – 12 October 2010
This update requires Firmware v1.34 or greater.

Floppy Update USB Update

Release Notes

Synchro.1.106 – 15 April 2009

Floppy Update USB Update

Release Notes

Sport Loader 1.124 – 3 January 2011

Floppy Update USB Update

Release Notes

The file will download as System6.1.124 but it will need to renamed to System6 (with no extensions or dots) in order to be loaded on to the timer.

Download default desktop image here

You may install a desktop background image for your timer. Any jpeg formatted image with a width of 640 pixels and a height of 480 pixels can be used. The default System 6 aquatic sports image is available from the link above. Save your image to the floppy disk.

Background Image Installation Instructions
  1. With the System6 sports timer powered on, place the disk with the successfully loaded files into the floppy disk drive.
  2. From the main screen, press the ‘Install’ softkey. If installation does not begin at this time, press the ‘Install from floppy’ softkey. Allow the file to fully load. When installing the sport loader, the screen will display a backdrop for roughly 10 to 20 seconds. When the update is completed, the sport loader will load the main screen.
  3. With the disk containing your chosen desktop image in the timer, press the ‘Desktop’ softkey.
  4. Press the ‘View files on floppy’ softkey.
  5. Select your desktop image. The default image is called ‘s6main.jpg’
  6. Press the ‘Set file as background’ button

Dolphin (w/ Splits) Software Installer v4.3 – 11 November 2014

Software and Device Drivers for CTS Dolphin Timing System.
Install or update your Dolphin software with this download. (Compatible with 32 and 64 bit computers)

This is a 2-step process.
1. Download the main files by clicking on the link above, and install the files. For detailed instructions regarding Dolphin Device updates, please visit our manuals page
2. After the main files are installed on devices, contact CTS customer support at svc-admin@coloradotime.com or call 970-667-1000, option 3, for a link to the second set of files. This includes 2 files: one for the Dolphin Timers and one for the Dolphin Starter. Download these secondary files and install them.

System Requirements
  • PC Running Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10
  • Open USB Port
  • Make sure no Dolphin Base is connnected during installation, but is connected prior to running the program


Wireless Diving Firmware Reprogrammer

WJT/WIO Firmware Reprogrammer v1.4 – 20 April 2012
Software to update WJT/WIO devices and the latest firmware (v1.18 for 900MHz and 2.04 for 2.4 GHz) for those devices.Unzip the file after downloading, run WJTFirmwareUploader.exe and follow built-in Help instructions.
Download drivers here

Windows Utilities

System6 Swimming MET File Printer v1.2 – 23 March 2012
This is a utility to run on a Windows-based PC. Using it, you can read the MET files from System 6 Swimming and print out the data. This utility is NOT for installation directly on a System 6.

DisplayLink Utilities

Import Start List Utility – 19 December 2005
Use this utility to load SCB files from a USB Flash Drive into DisplayLink. This is particularly useful for newer computer that don’t have floppy drives.
Windows 2000 Network Pack Driver
Required driver when running DisplayLink 3.61 or earlier (back to v3.4) on a Windows 2000 machine.
AquaLink 1.73a
This version of AquaLink is compatible with the both DisplayLink 3.52 and greater. It provides a few new template items including textual dive description and running time with 1/10th for WaterPolo Game Time and Shot Time. WaterPolo must be for the System6

Countdown Clock

Countdown Clock – 16 June 2006
This small utility is used to set the finish time for the Countdown Clock display (LED-CD).

FinishLynx Scoreboard Scripts

SingleLine/MultiLine Numeric Scoreboard
(If script opens directly in browser, go back to this back and right-click on the link before selecting “Save Target As”)
Updated 3/27/2014 to show Event and Heat numbers of module 0C

Coming soon!

RoadRunner Software

RoadRunner Installer
Install the RoadRunner User Interface software