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CTS Training Videos

These videos should be used in conjunction with your user manuals to insure proper care and maintenance of your CTS equipment.

  • SportLoader Introduction:

    SportLoader Update:

    Swimming Overview:

    Swimming Setups Part 1:

    Swimming Setups Part 2:

    Swimming Setups Part 3:

    Running a Meet:

  • Connecting a Relay Judging Platform:

    Placing Touchpad Brackets and Touchpads:

    Deck Clock Battery Connection/Replacement:

    Installing Touchpad Brackets - Paddock:

  • Cleaning an Amp Connector:

    Cleaning Your Wall Plates:

    Replacing a Dual Banana Plug:

    Testing a Touchpad:

    Using the CTS TPMD:

  • Multisport Weather Cover Fastener Replacement:

    Automated Race Timer Board Install: