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Standard Deck Plate

standard deck plate

Standard Deck Plate

Colorado Time Systems offers a variety of deck plates to meet the needs of various pool layouts.

Deck plates are required to permit plug-in connections for touchpads, A, B, C backup pushbuttons, electronic relay judging, start speakers, and a signal to start the timing device at each lane. A speedlight cable is required to activate the speedlights on Relay Judging Platforms with speedlights.*

Deck plates are standard white ABS plastic panels. They come complete with all wiring and terminal connections required. The size needed is determined by the installation. The contractor supplies the PVC junction boxes (Carlon #E989NNR 4” x 4” x6” boxes).

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  • 6 inch square deck plate (DP-6) 7.5 inch square deck plate (DP-7)
  • RJPL Speedlight Cables: R-SL-6D: 6-Lane Speedlight Cable Harness R-SL-8D: 8-Lane Speedlight Cable Harness R-SL-10:D 10-Lane Speedlight Cable Harness R-SL-12D: 12-Lane Speedlight Cable Harness

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