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Quick Connect Deck Plate

quick connect deck plate hub

The Quick Connect Deck Plate system from Colorado Time Systems keeps your pool deck free from cables and makes set up quick and easy. The Quick Connect Deck Plate provides integrated support for our speedlight technology.

A connection hub under the block replaces the traditional deck plate as the place where all the electrical components plug in:

  • relay judging platform
  • touchpad
  •  speedlights
  • individual lane speaker
  • 3 backup buttons for judges


All electrical components, including connection hubs, speakers and relay judging platforms, are removable for dry, safe storage during non-practice/non-meet times.

Deck plate connector
quick connect deckplate diagramA military connector with gold-plated connections is mounted in the pool deck. One short cable runs from this deck plate to the connection hub under the starting block. This system provides greater convenience and less possibility of corrosion from pool chemicals and water. The connector is covered when not in use to prevent corrosive build-up.





Download pdfquick connect deck plate pdf download

    • Integrated support for Relay Judging Platform speedlight technology
    • Keyed connector to insure proper alignment of conductors
    • Quick and easy installation and removal
  • DP-4.5QC:  Connection Hub (4.5" x 4.5") DP-QC120:  Quick Connect Deck Plate with 120' of cable DP-QC200:  Quick Connect Deck Plate with 200' of cable

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