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Diving Terminals for Judges

judging terminalsDiving Terminals for judges are compatible with System 5 or System 6 Timing Consoles.

Make your diving events run more efficiently. Colorado Time Systems offers a useful addition to your System 5 or System 6 Diving package. CTS Judging Terminals (JTs) allow the judges to enter their scores from the judging stations eliminating the need for runners when your judges are placed around the pool. They also eliminate the inconvenience and effort of manually entering scores with the System 5 or System 6 Timing Console.

The JTs are also easy to install. Simply place up to ten judging terminals at the judging stations, route the cables to the Judging Interface box and insert the cable connectors into the jacks in the box.

The console itself is a tactile, sealed keyboard with a 0.5” LCD display for easy use. The terminal is powered through the Timing Console’s external power. The console itself is 11.45″ (29.1cm) w x 5.75″ (14.6cm) h x 1.5″ (3.8cm) d.

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Colorado Time Systems is the Official Scoring System of USA Diving.

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