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DisplayLink Plus – Team Scores and Event Results

Using built-in features of DisplayLink Plus (DL+) you can help keep athletes, coaches and spectators better informed and engaged at your next event. Use a data connection to your compatible Meet Management software, to create and show templates that feature current team scores and fully aggregated results from any event that has already been swum.  Connect your DL+ computer to your Meet Management computer using a serial cable and null modem. If you don’t have any available COM ports, you can use a USB-to-Serial adapter. From the DL+ Settings screen, select “CTS Aquatics” and enable and set the “Meet Management” communication port. Consult your Meet Management documentation for information on how to configure the interface on that side of the connection.

DL+ settings screen

DisplayLink plus software for led video displays






Example Team Scores Template                           Example Results Template

DisplayLink plus software for LED video displays DL3






Build templates using the appropriate items in Template Editor. For team scores you can include the team name, abbreviation, rank and score. You can also place an item on the board showing whether the current scores are for the women’s teams, the men’s teams or combined team scores.
For results, you can include swimmer’s name, team, rank and time. There are also items for event title and an “Unofficial/Official” tag which can be toggled from the Results screen in DL+.
For both Team Scores and Results, you can control a variety of options. They can either page through one frame at a time or they can scroll one line at a time. You have control over the speed at which the data changes. You can also control how many items are shown at a time and how many items out of the entire data set are shown (e.g., only show the top 16 athletes).
Please consult the Help File included in DL+ (click the lower right corner of the main window) for more information.
NOTE: Some Meet Management software packages (including HyTek Meet Manager) may require an additional license to use the Scores and Results features. Sometimes this is called the “Alpha” Scoreboard interface.