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Light. Speed. Accuracy.  Faster starts with the Colorado Block.

Your team swims miles each week attempting to shave fractions of a second off their time.  One hesitation at the start could make a huge difference.  You can win a race at the start, or you can lose it.

The Colorado Block is a combination of KDI Paragon’s starting block and Colorado Time Systems’ Relay Judging Platform (RJP) and accessories.  The Colorado Block provides the competitive advantage to facilities for the following reasons:

It provides accuracy in competition. CTS’ RJP is the most accurate way to judge a swimmer’s departure for relay exchanges and race starts. Facilities with the Colorado Block can rely on its 1/100th of a second accuracy, as well as its ability to decipher between weight shifts and when a swimmer actually leaves the platform.

It offers a training advantage. Teams who train with the Colorado Block can fine-tune their start reaction times and relay exchanges with quantifiable results, giving them the competitive edge.

Colorado Time Systems RJPS are used worldwide at all levels of competition.  Teams who train with RJPs will be better prepared to take advantage of their benefits in competition.

The Colorado Block has a safe and durable starting surface.  Both the Track Start Side Mount Competitor block and the RJP feature non-skid surfaces for excellent traction upon departure from the block.

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  • Relay Judging Platform:  The relay judging platform accurately registers (within 1/100th of a second) when a swimmer leaves the starting block.  This time is electronically compared with the start signal to determin the start reaction time, false start calls, or with the incoming swimmer's touch on the touchpad in a relay. Speedlights:  LEDs across the front of the RJP flash simultaneously with the starting system horn and strobe light.  Lights give an additional signal to athletes and create a fairer start for hearing-impaired individuals.  Athletes can easily see the lights without altering their race-ready posture. On-board connection hub and horn:  A connection hub under the block replaces the traditional deck plate as the place where all of the electrical components plug in (Relay Judging Platforms, Touchpads, Lane speakers, backup buttons). All electrical components are removable for dry, safe storage during non-practice/non-meet times. Deck Plate Connector:  A military connector with gold-plated connections is mounted in the pool deck. One short cable runs from this deck plate to the on-board connection hub. This system provides greater convenience and less possibility of corrosion from pool chemicals and water. The connector is covered when not in use to prevent corrosive build up. Sponsor Panels:  The platform has a side cover for artwork and graphics for advertising purposes.  Facilities can develop sponsorship programs to provide additional funds for team expenses.

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