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Championship Start System

Championship Start System

The Championship Start System delivers rugged durability and long lasting performance. This high-powered, easy to set up system is an excellent choice for larger aquatic facilities.

The Championship Start System allows you to design a customized solution for your pool. It can drive speakers mounted under the starting blocks, and is the only Start System that will drive the Relay Judging Platform speedlights and deckside start indicators, which are synchronized with the start horn and strobe. Each Championship Start System includes a wired microphone.

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  • Relay Judging Platform Speedlights The Championship Start System is the only start system that will drive the speedlights and deckside start indicators on the Relay Judging Platforms Microphones Three separate microphone inputs; two wired and an optional wireless microphone Independent volume control for each microphone input Microphone volume is independent of start tone volume External 360° strobe Flashes with start signal tone. Additional strobe lights for other locations available Battery or 110/240 volt power Use in a fixed location with 110/240 volt power, or as a portable system with battery power LED low battery indicator provides an early alert that the battery level is getting low Public address system The Championship Start System can serve as a limited public address system
  • Dimensions: Height: 13.25" (33.7 cm) Width: 13" (33 cm) Depth: 5.75" (14.6 cm) Weight: 17.4 lbs. (7.9 kg) Mounting Options: Place on a tabletop Mount on the wall Mount on a tripod Speedlights and Deckside Start Indicators: LEDs across the front of a Colorado Time Systems’ relay judging platform and LEDs at the deckside of the connector blocks that flash simultaneously with the Championship Start speaker tone and strobe light. Championship Start can drive speedlights on RJPs (relay judging platforms) in up to 12 lanes. Speedlights level the playing field for hearing impaired athletes. They offer all athletes a visual cue, and experience practicing with the type of start system used at championship competitions. Strobe Light: Bright 360° strobe light automatically flashes simultaneously with the audio start signal. This gives watch timers and officials a reliable start reference, and provides a fair start to hearing impaired athletes. Power: Runs from normal wall power (110~240 VAC) with an included wall connector, or the unit can be powered by two safe, reliable internal gel-cell batteries. Batteries will recharge automatically when unit is plugged into wall outlet. Championship Start will operate while charging. Wired/Wireless Microphone: Used to address swimmers, start the race, and recall athletes in the event of a false start. Speakers: External auxiliary speaker used as AUX speaker. Up to two speakers can be connected to the AUX speaker output. 6-watt/45-ohm moisture and corrosion resistant reflex speaker used as a lane speaker. Championship Start can drive up to 12 lane speakers. Underwater speaker for underwater recall and training options.
  • Championship Start System, wired microphone:
    • Championship Start System
    • 10-watt/8-ohm black auxiliary speaker
    • Microphone with 25-foot cable
    Championship Start System, wireless microphone:
    • Wireless Championship Start System
    • 10-watt/8-ohm black auxiliary speaker
    • Microphone with 25-foot cable
    • Wireless microphone with transmitter
    • Portable Tripod: disassembles easily for compact storage; adjustable height
    • Jumper cable
    • Microphone
    • External/auxiliary speaker
    • Lane speaker
    • Underwater speaker
    • Loudspeaker cable harness
    • External strobe and cable
    • Wall mounting kit
    • Speaker mounting kit
    • Championship Start to wall plate cable
    • Additional wireless microphone kit: wireless microphone, transmitter, receiver module and receiver cable

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