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track timing system

RoadRunner Track and Cross Country Timing

                                  The RoadRunner wireless timing systems provide a cost-effective solution for your track or cross country meets. RoadRunner utilizes patented technology and 2.4GHz spr
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swimming electronic scoreboard

OTTER 6-, 8-, and 10-lane Electronic Scoreboards

OTTER electronic scoreboards for swimming feature integrated 2.4GHz wireless technology and are about half the width of standard LED-R electronic scoreboards, making them an ideal solution for tight spaces or as an auxiliary electronic scoreboard within your facility. This sleek desig
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numeric swimming electronic scoreboard

8-digit Numeric Electronic Scoreboards

Colorado Time Systems’ numeric electronic scoreboards are a cost-effective way to provide information, involve the audience and showcase the athletes for all aquatic sports. Modules can be used singly or combined in multiple-module electronic scoreboard designs. Your electronic scoreb
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