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Training Keypad for Timing Consoles

The Training Keypad (TK) is a versatile training tool for Timing Console Operators.  You can simulate an entire meet without hooking up all of your timing equipment.  The TK lets you simulate touchpad and “A” pushbutton hits — which means that you don’t have to
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water polo timing system

System 6 Timing Console – Water Polo

Enhance the versatility of your System 6 with the addition of Water Polo software and hardware.  The Water Polo software includes the water polo interface, one pushbutton, keyboard insert, and the manual.  Additional hardware requirements include:  water polo horn, shot clocks, and sc
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pace clock software

System 6 Timing Console – Pace Clock

The System 6 Pace Clock software allows you to program workouts, which can be displayed on your scoreboard and/or printed out on paper. The pace clock option can be used to program up to twelve lanes of individual workouts, 100 independent sets per lane, and can calculate the total wo
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diving scoring equipment

System 6 Timing Console – Diving

The System 6 diving program allows pre-meet and “on the fly” data entry and storage, meet management software information upload and download from a PC, scoreboard interface, and automatic scoring.  The program includes a keyboard insert and users manual.  Diving software
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swim timing system, system 6

System 6 Timing Console – Swimming

Colorado Time Systems sets the standard in aquatic timing and scoring with the System 6 Timing Console. The System 6 is used worldwide at Championship meets; including FINA and NCAA Championships. The System 6 is your central timing console and coordinates incoming and outgoing inform
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