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Capistrano Valley High School 16mm Full Color LED Matrix Video Display and Swimming Scoreboard

Full Color LED Video Displays

Colorado Time Systems offers comprehensive solutions for all venues; whether arena, stadium, commercial or aquatics. Full color LED video displays can be used as standalone units or combined with numeric or single color LED matrix displays for added impact. These dynamic displays show
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numeric swimming scoreboard

8-digit Numeric Scoreboards

Colorado Time Systems’ numeric scoreboards are a cost-effective way to provide information, involve the audience and showcase the athletes for all aquatic sports. Modules can be used singly or combined in multiple-module scoreboard designs. Whether you choose light-reflective or LED d
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LED Scoreboards

Mini Scoreboard

This smaller scoreboard is an affordable solution for clubs and smaller facilities. The Mini LED Scoreboard from Colorado Time Systems provides the best of both worlds: it provides the same information as two lines from the LED-R Scoreboard at a quarter of the size.  The Mini Scoreboa
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