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Water Polo electronic Scoreboard

Multisport Portable Electronic Scoreboard (WP-1700)

(shown with optional external horn kit and short legs) The Wireless Portable Tabletop Electronic Scoreboard is a great water polo solution, or any sport needing to display period/shot, game time, and home/guest scores. Durability:  Each electronic scoreboard is enclosed in a rugged po
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Water Polo Electronic Scoreboard

OTTER Water Polo Electronic Scoreboards

Indoor/outdoor LED water polo electronic scoreboards provides wireless scoring capabilities, and includes GAME TIME, HOME, GUEST, PERIOD, TIME OUTS LEFT, SHOT TIME, and EXCLUSION displays. An optional, adjustable 125dB horn provides clear, audible end-of-game and other notifications.
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Diving Electronic Scoreboards

OTTER Diving Electronic Scoreboards

OTTER indoor/outdoor LED diving electronic scoreboards provide a variety of information for up to 11 judges. Weather-proof digits and electronics are housed in a powder-coated aluminum chassis, which provides excellent corrosion resistance. Each scoreboard is shipped as one piece for
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wireless electronic scoreboard adapter

900MHz Wireless Electronic Scoreboard Adapter

Sky-Fi Wireless Electronic Scoreboard Adapter with System 6 Timing Console Eliminate scoreboard data cables from your deck Transmit data from your CTS timing console to:  digital pace clocks, digital shot clocks, and single- and multi-line LED electronic scoreboards Easy to connect Co
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wireless electronic scoreboard adapter

2.4GHz Wireless Electronic Scoreboard Adapter

Convert to wireless communication The 2.4GHz wireless electronic scoreboard adapter (WA-2) allows you to wirelessly transmit data to Colorado Time Systems’ LED electronic scoreboards from a variety of input devices. Whether you are running swimming, diving, synchronized swimming
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swimming electronic scoreboard

OTTER 6-, 8-, and 10-lane Electronic Scoreboards

OTTER electronic scoreboards for swimming feature integrated 2.4GHz wireless technology and are about half the width of standard LED-R electronic scoreboards, making them an ideal solution for tight spaces or as an auxiliary electronic scoreboard within your facility. This sleek desig
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diving electronic scoreboard

Portable Diving Electronic Scoreboard

The Portable LED Electronic Scoreboard from Colorado Time Systems provides the best of both worlds: it provides the same  information as two lines from the LED-R Electronic Scoreboard at a quarter of the size. The Portable LED Electronic Scoreboard contains two lines of digits, which
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Capistrano Valley High School 16mm Full Color LED Matrix Video Display and Swimming Scoreboard

Full Color LED Video Displays

Colorado Time Systems offers comprehensive solutions for all venues; whether arena, stadium, commercial or aquatics. Full color LED video displays can be used as standalone units or combined with numeric or single color LED matrix displays for added impact. These dynamic displays show
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numeric swimming electronic scoreboard

8-digit Numeric Electronic Scoreboards

Colorado Time Systems’ numeric electronic scoreboards are a cost-effective way to provide information, involve the audience and showcase the athletes for all aquatic sports. Modules can be used singly or combined in multiple-module electronic scoreboard designs. Your electronic scoreb
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numeric electronic scoreboards for swimming

6-digit Numeric Electronic Scoreboards

Save space and money. Signage & Digits in one enclosure. The sleek design allows you to display home and guest scores or current event and heat without the need for additional signage. Module dimensions are the same as CTS standard single-line LED electronic scoreboards: 14” x 97.
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