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Gen7 Diving Equipment

Colorado Time Systems Gen7 Diving software and hardware are designed to allow you to run flawless, lightning fast meets.  While in use at high-level meets such as USA Diving Winter Nationals, UANA Puerto Rico Grand Prix, USA Diving Synchronized National Championships, Big 10 Champions
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Wireless Diving Interface

Wireless IO

Wireless judging makes it possible for judges to send scores to the timing console (System 5 or System 6) without cables on the deck, and without anyone having to write down the scores and enter them manually into the timing console. There are two parts to wireless judging:  the wirel
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diving terminal for judges

Diving Terminals for Judges

Diving Terminals for judges are compatible with System 5 or System 6 Timing Consoles. Make your diving events run more efficiently. Colorado Time Systems offers a useful addition to your System 5 or System 6 Diving package. CTS Judging Terminals (JTs) allow the judges to enter their s
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diving judging terminal

Wireless Judging Terminal

Increase your diving and synchronized swimming meets’ efficiency, safety, and reduce your overall system cost with Colorado Time Systems’ Wireless Judging Terminals. Make your diving and synchronized swimming meets run more efficiently. Colorado Time Systems offers a useful addi
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