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Backstroke Start Device

Buy Backstroke Start Device The backstroke start device (patent pending) from Colorado Time Systems helps to eliminate slips at the start of a race. ʘ  Anti-slip foot backstroke wedge ʘ  Easy to set up ʘ  Automatically retracts up and out of the water ʘ  Robust construction ʘ  Adapts
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pace clock

Slim Pace Clocks

High visibility LED digits Rugged powder-coated aluminum enclosures 2.4GHz integrated wireless Indoor or outdoor use Conformal coated to protect against corrosion Variable intensity settings for brightness Colorado Time Systems Slim Pace Clocks offer an elegant pacing and time of day
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pace clock software

System 6 Timing Console – Pace Clock

The System 6 Pace Clock software allows you to program workouts, which can be displayed on your scoreboard and/or printed out on paper. The pace clock option can be used to program up to twelve lanes of individual workouts, 100 independent sets per lane, and can calculate the total wo
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swim training package

Train Right Package

The Train Right System from Colorado Time Systems allows athletes to achieve peak performance.  This unique package of training tools provides immediate visual feedback to both the coach and athlete, while offering the sound and feel of competition. The Pace Clock displays accurate fe
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underwater speaker for false start recalls

Underwater Speaker

Your athletes can no longer say that they didn’t hear you. Now you know they can. The underwater speaker allows you the unique opportunity to coach your athletes mid-pool. Your underwater speaker should be used in conjunction with your Championship Start System, and is ideal for: Talk
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aquagrip touchpad

AquaGrip® Touchpads

Get a grip on every start and turn! CTS AquaGrip® touchpads feature the patented AquaGrip® texture over the foundation of a tough plastic backbone. The AquaGrip® touchpads combine the best starting and turning surface available with the proven design that all Colorado Time SystemsR
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standard touchpad

Standard Championship Touchpads

Colorado Time Systems Touchpads have been used in competition in every continent on the globe. Standard touchpads combine a tried and true non-stick surface with the proven design that all Colorado Time Systems’ touchpads have used for forty years. They respond to a touch that’s remar
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pace clock

Pace Clocks / Shot Clocks

Large 10” LED digits (red or amber) can be adjusted for indoor or outdoor use. Synchronize multiple clocks for use on deck. Choose the functions you need: Basic Pace Clock All of these units can be run as standalone pace clocks, or set to run in a series of pace clocks with or without
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Relay Judging Platform with Speedlights

Relay Judging Platforms

Colorado Time Systems’ Relay Judging Platform technology is the most accurate way to judge relay exchanges, and provides a fair start to hearing impaired athletes. We’ve retained the dependability and accuracy of the Relay Judging Platform with Speedlights (RJP), and are pleased to of
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swim timing start system

Championship Start System

The Championship Start System delivers rugged durability and long lasting performance. This high-powered, easy to set up system is an excellent choice for larger aquatic facilities. The Championship Start System allows you to design a customized solution for your pool. It can drive sp
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