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Backstroke Start Device

Buy Backstroke Start Device The backstroke start device (patent pending) from Colorado Time Systems helps to eliminate slips at the start of a race. ʘ  Anti-slip foot backstroke wedge ʘ  Easy to set up ʘ  Automatically retracts up and out of the water ʘ  Robust construction ʘ  Adapts
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Synchronized swimming scoring software

Synchronized Swimming Software

  Colorado Time Systems' Synchronized Swimming Meet Management Software (SynchroMM) simplifies running a synchronized swimming meet. Software features Easy to use, logically flows with meet progression Support for figures including integration of figures run from multiple station
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swim timing deck plate

Titanium Deckplate

The Titanium Deckplate will revolutionize the look, feel, durability, and functionality of your facility. Deckplates are required to permit plug-in connections for touchpads, A/B/C backup pushbuttons, electronic relay judging, start speakers, and a signal to start the timing device at
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diving equipment

Gen7 Diving Equipment

Colorado Time Systems Gen7 Diving software and hardware are designed to allow you to run flawless, lightning fast meets.  While in use at high-level meets such as USA Diving Winter Nationals, UANA Puerto Rico Grand Prix, USA Diving Synchronized National Championships, Big 10 Champions
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Quick Connect Deck Plate

Quick Connect Deck Plate

The Quick Connect Deck Plate system from Colorado Time Systems keeps your pool deck free from cables and makes set up quick and easy. The Quick Connect Deck Plate provides integrated support for our speedlight technology. A connection hub under the block replaces the traditional deck
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aquatic center wall plate

Universal Wall Plates

The universal wall plate is designed to accommodate any number of configurations and includes options for LED matrix display fiber, judging terminals, long- and short-course configurations, and up to 12 lanes. Options include: Basic timing, near-end (WLPA) Basic timing, near- and far-
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wall plate cover

Wallplate Cover

The wallplate cover helps protect your wallplate connections when they are not in use.  The locking mechanism helps to prevent unwanted tampering.  These wallplate covers can be used for either the universal aluminum wallplates or retrofit to existing facilities with the standard ABS
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water polo timing system

System 6 Timing Console – Water Polo

Enhance the versatility of your System 6 with the addition of Water Polo software and hardware.  The Water Polo software includes the water polo interface, one pushbutton, keyboard insert, and the manual.  Additional hardware requirements include:  water polo horn, shot clocks, and sc
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diving scoring equipment

System 6 Timing Console – Diving

The System 6 diving program allows pre-meet and “on the fly” data entry and storage, meet management software information upload and download from a PC, scoreboard interface, and automatic scoring.  The program includes a keyboard insert and users manual.  Diving software
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Fusion Starting block by spectrum aquatics

Fusion by Spectrum

The Fusion is an innovative combination of Spectrum starting block and Colorado Time Systems’ Relay Judging Platform and accessories, as well as an adjustable Track Start footrest as approved by FINA and USA Swimming.
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