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Cable Harnesses

Cable Harnesses are an ideal solution for facilities that do not have in-deck cabling available.

  • CTS cable harnesses are designed to be used in a pool environment without the need for additional protection from the environment.  Cable harnesses provide inputs for your touchpad and one pushbutton.  Backup cable harnesses are available for additional pushbutton inputs. Cable harnesses are available for 6-, 8-, 10-, or 12-lane pools.
    • CH41-6:  6-lane touchpad, pushbutton primary harness
    • CH41-6-3:  6-lane pushbutton backup harness
    • CH41-8:  8-lane touchpad, pushbutton primary harness
    • CH41-8-3:  8-lane pushbutton backup harness
    • CH41-10:  10-lane touchpad, pushbutton primary harness
    • CH41-10-3:  10-lane pushbutton backup harness
    • CH41-12:  12-lane touchpad, pushbutton primary harness
    • CHE-41P-50M Extension for primary CH41
    • CHE-41-50M Extension for primary & backup CH41
    • PB-6 Backup pushbutton with 6’ cable

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