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Backstroke Start Device

backstroke start device

The backstroke start device (patent pending) from Colorado Time Systems helps to eliminate slips at the start of a race.

ʘ  Anti-slip foot backstroke wedge

ʘ  Easy to set up

ʘ  Automatically retracts up and out of the water

ʘ  Robust construction

ʘ  Adapts to most starting blocks

ʘ  FINA 2.10, USA Swimming, and U.S. Masters compliant

The versatile design allows the device to attach to nearly any starting block with either straps or anchors.  Once in place, pull down the backstroke wedge to the desired location on the pool wall and lock into place.  Once the swimmer has left the wall, the backstroke start device will automatically retract up and out of the water until the next swimmer sets up for the next race without interfering with turns and finishes.

The non-slip backstroke start device wedge measures 25.6″ x 3.1″ (65cm x 8cm) and features a 10° angle for foot placement at the race start.
Ready to order?  Please take a moment to fill out the Required Measuring Guide and submit via email to:  info@coloradotime.com.  Backstroke start device orders cannot be processed without a completed measuring guide.

Australian Patent No:  2013382748

Download pdfDownload Product Specifications

Download pdfDownload FINA Compliance Specifications