Wireless Water Polo Horn

The new wireless water polo horn offers you instant flexibility and a clean deck for your water polo matches.

The wireless water polo horn offers many different options for your facility. You can set up the horn as a portable version (above), which can be placed anywhere on deck without any cables or wires; or permanently install as a wall-mounted version.

Wireless Data
The wireless water polo horn can be connected to a Colorado Time Systems LED scoreboard and act as a wireless receiver. Data sent from the Timing Console through a Sky-Fi Wireless Adapter is sent wirelessly to the horn. The horn wirelessly receives the data, sounds when called upon, and transmits the data to the scoreboard. The scoreboard then displays the data.

The horn can also be connected directly to the Timing Console. The horn sounds when called upon, and also transmits the scoreboard data wirelessly to other wireless devices (wireless Pace Clock/Shot, etc.)


  • Can be run in any location
  • Store when not in use
  • Add multiple horns to adjust for crowd noise
  • Adjustable volume

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Weight: 8 lbs (3.6Kg)
Dimensions (HxWxD): 12.25” x 12.25” x 5” (31.1cm x 31.1cm x 12.7cm)
Part #: HWP-W

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