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System 6 Timing Console – Diving

System 6 Diving

The System 6 diving program allows pre-meet and “on the fly” data entry and storage, meet management software information upload and download from a PC, scoreboard interface, and automatic scoring.  The program includes a keyboard insert and users manual.  Diving software is included automatically with each System 6 Timing Console.

You can program your diving meet to include:

  • Event (1M, 3M, platform, and synchronized)
  • Diver’s Name
  • Round Number
  • Dive Number (D.D. is automatically assigned)
  • Check Limited D.D.

The diving judges’ scores, whether entered manually on the System 6 keyboard or input from optional judging terminals, are automatically tabulated.  The System 6 large screen display allows the operator to view:

  • Event description
  • Diver order and name
  • Diver’s total points
  • Round number
  • Points to overtake leader
  • Diver number with D.D.
  • Points to overake leader
  • Award for dive
  • Individual judge’s score
  • On-screen leader board

The large memory stores the pre-programmed diving meet information for up to 16 separate diving meets, with 16 events per meet and unlimited divers per event.  The System 6 allows easy access to the stored information at specific starting points or round numbers.  From the keyboard, the operator may edit judges’ scores, change diver’s names and dive numbers, record failed dives and enter 2-point deductions.

You may print out:

  • Current place rankings
  • Full data by place
  • Full data for one diver
  • Current dive order
  • Full data by dive order

Full data includes:  meet name, event name, diver name, round number, dive number, D.D., award, judges scores, and running total.

Colorado Time Systems is the Official Scoring System of United States Diving

Download pdfsystem 6 download

    • Judging Terminals
    • Wireless Judging Terminals
    • IO Box
    • Wireless IO Box
    • Portable Diving Scoreboard
    • Sky-Fi Wireless adapter

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