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Fusion by Spectrum

starting block - fusionThe Fusion is an innovative combination of Spectrum starting block and Colorado Time Systems’ Relay Judging Platform and accessories, as well as an adjustable Track Start footrest as approved by FINA and USA Swimming.

    • 32" x 24" non-slip surface platform top
    • Stailess steel top with non-slip material (black only)
    • Stainless steel side handles
    • Grizzly/Growler single post anchor with patented anti-wobble, locator pinned design
    • Non-slip side step access
    • 18" high backstroke handles
    Relay Judging Platform:  The relay judging platform accurately registers (within 1/100th of a second) when a swimmer leaves the starting block.  This time is electronically compared with the start signal to determin the start reaction time, false start calls, or with the incoming swimmer’s touch on the touchpad in a relay. Speedlights:  LEDs across the front of the RJP flash simultaneously with the starting system horn and strobe light.  Lights give an additional signal to athletes and create a fairer start for hearing-impaired individuals.  Athletes can easily see the lights without altering their race-ready posture.

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